With our own headquarters, we have a specialized and committed team to exceed the expectations of our customers and the market. In addition, we value high performance products with reduced delivery time.

Today, we have a wide and equipped area, for efficient storage and stock management. We work with rolls for building, residential, and industrial use, with high modular capacity for the most diverse projects.


TOP-MAX´s history began in March 2010, with the purpose of becoming a reference in the market of water drainage for building, residential and industrial use.

From the start, our objective has been to offer the best products full of convenience, speed and ease. We have a complete structure to effectively serve the entire national market.

Grupo Linear®

TOP-MAX is a Grupo Linear brand, a company with a history full of challenges, achievements and victories.

Grupo has been in the market for 13 years now and was responsible for bringing the concept of linear drains to Brazil. Specialists in drainage solutions for environments, Grupo Linear creates modern, innovative, functional solutions with advanced technology that reach the market through brands that belong to the group.


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